Make-up: No7 Stay Perfect lipstick in 15 Gay Geranium

While admiring the lipstick of someone on TV recently and wondering where I could get something similar, it suddenly occurred to me I already had an identical one – you can blame the weather for why I forgot all about this summery colour…
This is a bright, coral-orange shade that I’ve never seen a likeness for in another range.
It’s designed to be worn at full in-your-face strength, but I also find applying over a slick of lip balm tones it down and comes out a calmer colour I prefer and can wear during the day.
Full natural light…
No7 Stay Perfect lipstick Gay Geranium
Indirect natural light…
No7 Stay Perfect lipstick Gay Geranium
  • Great colour – best thing about this lipstick is its unique shade; flattering on my pale skin but would also look great with more of a tan
  • Matte – which I always prefer!
  • Colour is buildable – can be light over balm or bright straight from the tube
  • Good value at £9.50
  • Much more drying than other lipsticks in this range for some reason
  • As such, I find it causes my lips to flake and the colour to wear patchily
  • You need a flawless base to get even colour
  • That familiar Stay Perfect blunt-ended bullet can make application tricky
However, I’m aware that my tube of this lipstick is a couple of years old and some of the criticisms about the formula have potentially been improved by now – it certainly was a different consistency to Classic Rose. I’ll certainly repurchase when I’ve run out to find out – the great colour is enough to make me work round the imperfections.



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