Vintage style: patterned capris

We’ve had some lovely warm, Spring-time weather recently and I’ve gone a little bit crazy buying summer clothes. Top of my hit list was more capris – but this time, I was dreaming of colour… and then I stumbled on some marvelous high-waisted 50s-style peach capris with a palm tree print. I thought the palm trees were a nice alternative to flowers – and have a sort of tropical pin-up vibe about them.

Motel Jodie Skinny Crop Pant in Pink Palm Leaf Print

Fortunately, after being out of stock for months, looks like they’re back.

Apologies for slightly unfocused photo…


Despite being quite a thin cotton, something to do with the shape and fit really sucks you in – producing a nice shapely rear!


Which is good when you spent most of the bank holiday weekend eating using the excuse that it was your birthday…
Caught in the act!

CiCi x

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