Vintage style: get Marilyn’s waist… sort of

While I was supposed to be buying tupperware the other day, I came across a range of lingerie that UK chain TK Maxx are currently selling (as you do) – although I believe these are US imports originally – Marilyn Monroe Intimates.
Being TK Maxx, it was all pretty cheap. And being me, I’m once again a sucker for a Marilyn gimmick (I’m looking at you, Mac). I grabbed a leopard print nightwear set and two items of shapewear – both of which also involved some kind of leopard print. Clearly Marilyn = leopards.
It’s a good idea – Marilyn was famous for her hourglass figure after all… but how well do they work and if you stumble across the range, should you buy?
Shaping brief 2-pack (leopard and black)
Marilyn waist rating: 2/5


Left: normal | Right: with briefs

These are satiny, firm and relatively comfortable. They give a nice hip-waist curve – you can definitely see my waist is better defined on the right. They hold your tummy in a bit, although one always hopes for more… However, one word: VPL. You can even see the bit where it’s digging in a the top of my thigh, let alone the disturbing rear view that I’ve spared you all from here. When the whole point is to wear these underneath tight clothing, I’m left scratching my head a bit about what use they are. Although I do have a particularly tight pair of high-waisted jeans…

Hi-waist shaping brief

Marilyn waist rating: 3/5

Left: normal | Right: with briefs
Lovely unusual blue-grey leopard print fabric – nice. Sits above the waist – great, hate when you get cut in half by these things. These grew on me after I’d worn them all day and realised just how comfy they are. At first I thought they weren’t doing much good, they are so much softer and stretchier than the other pair – but they do seem to hold everything in a bit better than it manages itself, without such obvious VPL (although still a little at the back). I do think on the right my shape is just that bit tighter – but it’s not the drastic results you hope for and that I have achieved with other, much less attractive shapewear.
I think my adventures with this range does help to confirm my suspicions about an unwritten law there seems to be for shapewear. The more unattractive it is, the better it does its job – and these are both just that bit too pretty. If you want something that will hoist you in and without VPL, you’re looking at some fetching body-sock crossed with cycling short contraptions probably. I like these for relatively comfortable middle grounds that I wouldn’t be completely ashamed to show another human being.
So perhaps while you don’t quite get the shape of Marilyn’s waist, yours can at least be as well dressed!


  1. September 15, 2013 / 12:34 pm

    I'm also a twenty something, ugh, & I'm just discovering this tummy problem, where did it come from?? Anyway, I have & have never used it but now I think I have a purpose, I have one of these:—1635/prod.jump?ppId=pp5001720163&catId=cat100240043&subcatId=cat100240035&deptId=dept20000013&Nao=24&pN=2&dimCombo=null&dimComboVal=null&colorizedImg=DP0907201217541410M.tif

    Tried it out yesterday & it's not at all uncomfortable nor does it pinch your fat out. Mine in this case. Now I know why they make these things :/

    • September 15, 2013 / 8:07 pm

      That looks hardcore, but it's not as ugly as some of them! Problem with Spanx is the price tag, but I have a feeling I'll be investing in more scaffolding as the years roll on… although unfortunately I've always carried excess weight on my tummy!

    • September 15, 2013 / 10:11 pm

      Totally hardcore right?? Haha! Well this particular brand, & sorry for the really long link, is a sub-branch of Spanx or something. Yeah no it's not ugly, it's way comfortable.

      Oh jeez, I need scaffolding, cement, bricks, earthquake resistant work & all that for me. I think we should do a crunch regimen, ha. Yeah right. No wonder women back in the day wore dresses, to hide the excess fat, wait & their diet wasn't all that perfect either, high fat milk & white bread, wonder how they did it…

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