Outfit: wedding guest outfit – wiggle #1

Because I’ve lost the post I was going to put up today (sincere thanks go to Blogger and my camera for joint sabotage), here’s a quick and dirty outfit post from the first of two weddings I have on May’s agenda.

For #1 I wore a wiggle-style dress from Hell Bunny’s new summer range (‘Rosalie’) that I have to say, was one of those that was perfect from the second I put it on. The cut, the colours, the fabric… love!

Absolutely no stretch whatsoever though, so a word of warning if you’re considering it. Check measurements! Great dress for the price.
And because sometimes I do leave my room, here are two shots where you can actually see me somewhere else – which in this case was a fab wedding I was a +1 at.
The first shot is of the beautiful back of this dress… which is one of the best things about it, if not the best! (And check out the awesome background dancing!)
© Danielle Benbow www.daniellebenbow.co.uk
Thanks to the wedding photographer, Danielle, for allowing me to use this lovely photo on my blog. And if you like looking at photos of weddings, the rest are here.
And now a much poorer-quality photo demonstrating a neckline shot. Which is actually more of cleavage shot, so I hope you like that kind of thing. Excuse the random man in the background… this is what happens when you leave the house!


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