A fond and sad farewell…

Sad news for both me and the blog… Marie is bowing out after our first year to dedicate her time to setting up a small business. Anyone who writes a blog will know that if you let it it will creep into your every day life and sometimes the pressure of it is a
bit too much! Not what you need if you want to focus your efforts elsewhere…

This blog originally started out as her idea and I, rather reluctantly at the time it must be said, agreed to join as co-writer contributing bits and pieces of my fashion and make-up knowledge to give a rounded picture of all things a bit kitsch. What I never expected was how much I would enjoy the process of coming up with post concepts and sharing my ideas with anyone who happens to stumble across them. My enthusiasm has unwittingly taken the blog firmly in the direction of vintage style… Which is where it will continue to head under my rule!

I will never be a crafter, thrifter or baker like Marie – I am a spender and an eater where pretty things and food are concerned. But if you are any of the former, here are Marie’s top 3 posts to enjoy.

Playing tailor: turning a playsuit into a dress (again)

Bake: gooey chocolate cranberry brownies

For the love of craft: jam jars

Marie may well be back in the future as a guest blogger, but from now on it’s just little ol’ me. The name of the blog will likely stay the same, but there may be a few more visual changes to come over the next month as I fully embrace the fashion/beauty blogging world…

Bye for now, Marie ♥

CiCi x


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