Friday, 26 April 2013

Outfit: primary colours = Spring!

It's late April and it's finally Spring! I thought the sun had forgotten about the UK for a while there...

Spring weather deserves Spring clothes, so out come the brighter colours. And I realised when I took these photos that I'd dressed myself in red, yellow and blue!

The cardigan is new and is from Louche - it's so wonderfully soft but what I really love about it, apart from the lovely mustard colour, is the cropped shape and little bows running down the middle. The skirt and shoes are old summer favourites. The bright pink lipstick is this one.

And also step up my new favourite, this Ollie & Nic sales purchase red frame bag (got a bit of an obsession with frame bags!) - £40 down from £60 :)

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  1. Yes! Another awesome outfit! You should get referenced in a fashion magazine. I like how you're wearing so much color. The sweater reminds me of autumn. :)

    1. True! Mustard probably is more of an autumn colour but yellow always makes me happy and feel summery no matter what shade :) x


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