Make-up: Maybelline Superstay 14 hour lipstick in Stay With Me Coral

Well, first things first, this isn’t really a ‘vintage’ colour in the classic definition of the word when you’re talking about reds and dusky pinks… it’s a big ol’ bright fuschia pink. But I did choose it for its matte finish, so I’m sticking it in the series anyway! Also, Maybelline seem to have a funny idea of what ‘coral’ is, as you can see…

It is a bit drying as a lot of mattes are, so in these photos I’m wearing over some Carmex lip balm that has given the finish a slight glossy texture as well as muting the colour a tad – which actually I didn’t mind for once.


  • Great unique, bright colour
  • Strong pigmentation
  • Good matte finish
  • Lovely fruity strawberry smell that doesn’t transfer into chemical strawberry taste in your mouth
  • Packaging clearly indicates colour and is distinctive with a white lid – stands out from all the black cases in my bag!
  • Good price at £6.99


  • Very sticky texture after initial application onto bare lips that does go away after a bit when the lipstick dries, but means blotting with tissue is DISASTROUS
  • After a few hours, it’s a bit drying – I like to apply over balm
  • Not easy to wear as a stain
  • After a few hours it sort of ‘beads’ together on your lips – the only way I found to get rid was to scrape them off and reapply, or apply over balm
  • It really doesn’t have the staying power of 14 hours, so bit of false advertisement! I’d say you can get a good few out of it but after that it starts to go patchy


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