Create: painting with patterned rollers

For Christmas I received this brilliant patterned roller from The Painted House. They have lots of different patterns and are great for painting fabric to make cushions, decorating your walls, making cards or even a piece of wall art.

Design no.6
You can choose from two different applicators – one for paper, wood and walls, and one for fabric. I got the paper, wood and walls applicator for Christmas, but I cheated and used it on fabric because I was too keen to re-cover my old blanket chest with a cute little woodland deer scene. (I’m sure this project would have looked much better if I had followed the rules and used the right applicator!)
I’m not going to take you through step by step of how to recover your blanket box, because quite frankly, I did a bodge job! But I will show you the before and afters, and link to the info on how to use the applicators. I can’t recommend it enough -it was so easy to use, and looks really great once you get the hang of how to use it.
So, here was my blanket box before…

and after… (spot Max the cat in the corner)

with a little help from…

And here’s the video tutorial if you want to have a go yourself…

Marie ♥

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