Playing tailor: turning a playsuit into a dress (again)

It’s January, the sales are on – so many pretty outfits going for cheaps. So, in my ‘oh that’s so cute and such a bargain’ daze, I bought myself a playsuit again. It’s really nice, but it doesn’t really go with my huge post-Christmas face-stuffing thighs and arse. So, I decided to turn a playsuit into a dress (again!)

This is the original, from the Urban Outfitters sale for a bargain price of £15.
And this is my slightly altered version…


Here’s how I did it…
1. Unpick the seams of the shorts section of the playsuit (the bit between your legs) up to the point that the seams are straight at front and back, so you’ve got two separate bits of material for front and back rather than one continuous short.
2. Starting with the front section – line the unpicked material up so that it is in a straight line (so it looks like a skirt would look) and pin. Repeat with the back.
3. You will probably now have some excess fabric hanging at the bottom of the ‘skirt’ from wear the shorts joined between the legs – fold this upwards under the skirt and line up front and back so the bottom of the skirt is even all around, cut off any excess that’s folded up and pin.
4. Iron the skirt.
5. Turn the skirt inside out and sew along the pinned areas front and back and round the bottom. Unpin and you’re done.
The nice thing about the style of this playsuit/dress is that you could tuck it into a longer skirt and it would just look like a nice blouse.Marie ♥


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  1. April 27, 2013 / 9:18 pm

    Thanks 🙂 Gonna use your guidelines for 4 playsuits I have 🙂

    Turquoise Flamingo

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