Outfit: just add scarf

A very short outfit post from me today, written while a tad sleepy and silly on a nice big dose of Cocodamol that is currently doping a rather spectacular headache that seems to be in my entire face. (Laptop brightness turned down to ‘barely legible’…)

Anyway! Today, unusually for a Sunday lunchtime, I had to drag myself out of my loungewear and into something suitable for a coffee date. So pleased with my uncharacteristic day-of-rest effort was I that I even took a couple of photos to feed the blog – it has been looking a little hungry lately, after all.

Not a hugely inspiring outfit, but I liked the fact it became somewhat more stylish with the addition of a simple leopard print neck tie.

I’m often asked where I got these trousers from, being both high-waisted and coloured – they were £25 bargains from New Look, who are always my tip for year-round high-waisted trouserness.
And what else could a scarf want but a cropped leather biker jacket? Well, no, I don’t know either! I sort of remind myself of a pile of autumn leaves in these colours, mind you.

Until next time!


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