Outfit: yellow shoes ‘unexpectedly go with everything’

What women want, according to Caitlin Moran, is ‘a pair of yellow shoes because they unexpectedly go with everything’…
To demonstrate this point, of which I am in full agreement, truly awful picture quality is coming up because I’m not at home (because it’s CHRISTMAS!) and there are far fewer opportunities for good lighting at my parents’ house!
Now I finally own some yellow ‘all-rounder’ shoes courtesy of Clarks Originals’ Serin Sings (images thankfully courtesy of Clarks).

Now £39.99 (from £80) in the sale! How I love Christmas sales (you can’t even really call them ‘January sales’ anymore since they all start mid December). And if you’re not buying the yellow thing, they also have them in black and grey.

I do admire Clarks’ efforts in reviving styles from the past, but I wish they’d offer more detail for each design of which era they’ve come from. Just to satisfy my inner nerd – mind you I’m probably the only one who cares. Originals styles are from the 1950s onwards and I suspect these may be 70s, but with the right styling they could look a little 40s/50s because of the ankle strap.

yellow ankle strap shoes vintage

The colour of these shoes, by the way, is definitely more like the first image than anything like in the ones I took.

They go with leopard print…

And ivory lace…


Perhaps they even go with the pink carpet I’m standing on…

Lovely. Merry Christmas to me!

And to all of you, of course. Have a fabulous one x 

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