Outfit: shifty denim

It’s Christmas, but in between all the lazing around and eating, there are places to go, people to see!

So tonight, off out I go – and I thought I’d share my outfit with you…
I needed something that was flattering and looked good, but in a kind of ‘I rolled into this and it just happened to look fabulous’ kind of way. (Ha, ’cause we all know that happens.) I settled on the idea of a casual dress I could glam up with precision hair and make-up and a nice pair of heels – but they had to be heels I could walk the ten minutes to my destination (a local pub) in!
Step up my new uber-comfortable Clarks and my new quite unusual Oasis denim shift dress – both purchased this month in the sales!
Denim dress is from Oasis, but I think they’re now out of stock…
I’d never thought before about buying a denim dress, or knew such things were on sale, really! But I quite like this for being different – and I really like the large collar neckline which you can just about see here. Sort of vintage in the collar shape and the silhouette, but modern with the biker zip details and the material.
It’s also a dress I don’t feel bad about wearing a cardigan with – well, it is cold outside!

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