Outfit: date night

This post could also have been titled ‘Can I turn everything in my life now into a blog post? Yes, yes I can.’

So, going on a date is probably the most taxing wardrobe exercise you can undertake… suddenly nothing that you thought looked good before looks quite as good as you remember it and you face the age old first-world dilemma: dress vs jeans. Dress can be too much, jeans can be too little.

Dress, I decided – I never feel that amazing in jeans.

But then which? Do you go for something that’s hot stuff (i.e. hello cleavage!) or do you do cute?

Panicking, I shoved pictures of both outfits on Facebook and the decision was taken out of my useless hands as some of my lovely friends and readers voted… but as this is an outfit post, here’s a few more and you’ll have to read on to see which one took it!

Option 1: Hello boys!

Shocking camerawork as usual, this dress is actually dark green and navy check with a tie in the middle. It’s a Tara Starlet dress – one of my absolute classic purchases I love as much as most people love LBDs. Housemate’s boyfriend complimented how ‘undoable’ the dress was and seemed to think this worked hugely in my favour. Can’t think why.
Option 2: a bit of flirty skirt


My usual style is fitted skirts so this was a borrow that just happens to fit really quite well. Quite flattering on the not-so-tiny behind. Housemate’s boyfriend complimented dress 2’s undoability too… did I do this on purpose?!
And then the public voted…
Apparently, sexy always wins. Two people commented I should lose the black tights (one being my mother, mother always knows) so lose them I did!
And now my dress looks black… it was the same dress, honest! This is what happens when you take photos on a bad camera with no natural daylight…

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