For the love of craft: Christmas crafting

I know, I know… I promised you a series of festive craft posts about a month ago and I didn’t keep my promise. (That’s me all over – ask CiCi!)

But, I do have a few little snippets of what I’ve been up to in the crafting arena recently. I’ve been getting very busy with my screen printing kit, my sewing machine, and on ebay (200 used Christmas postage stamps for £2 – win!)

Here’s a few of the craft projects I’ve been working on for Christmas.

Gifts for family and friends:

Padded place mats and coasters for my nan! Fabric from Hobbycraft

I made these padded place mats for my Nan – not my finest creation due to none of them being the same size, despite me measuring each and every one of them before starting! Still, it’s the thought that counts…

Hand printed ‘doggy bag’ for my mum

Finally mastered how to use my printing screen and this doggy bag was the result! I added some ribbon and a velvet bow tie to make him look like he has a collar – I promise (!) I will upload a tutorial on this soon.

Cute mini gift idea for secret santa or to take to parties

I went to a friend’s Christmas party at the weekend and took along a jam jar full of lindt and candy canes – finished off with some red and white bakers twine – so simple, so cute and, more importantly, so thrifty!

And guess what? I’ve even finished my wrapping! I like to have a wrapping theme each year – and this year I chose posted parcels. I found 200 used Christmas stamps on ebay for £2 (my first ebay win – I was beyond excited). They arrived on paper, so I trimmed around the edges with patterned scissors and glued them to my pressies wrapped in brown paper.

Then I stamped over them with French rubber postage stamps and got out the old baker’s twine again.

What do you think?!

After all this crafting, I think I deserve a break, don’t you?!

Oh go on then…

Marie ♥

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