Monday, 15 October 2012

Make-up: Mac Marilyn Monroe Love Goddess lipstick review

In my defence, I bought this lipstick from Mac's Marilyn Monroe range for my mother, rather than adding to my own (ridiculous) collection (with the caveat I could try it, of course)!  As a pink, it's not really the kind of colour I usually wear, tending not to suit them.  I made an exception for Pure Zen in this range because I wanted a new daytime lipstick - but this lipstick is certainly not in that category!

I have to say I really liked Love Goddess for a change, although it didn't work as well as reds do with my warm skin-tone.

Love L748 glasses tortoiseshell

So there it is - a deep, bright pink with a slight sheen (it's from Mac's Satin range).  I think it is quite blue-based, so is probably going to suit more neutrally toned ladies better than it does me.

  • Strong, striking colour
  • Colour lasts well
  • Feels nice on
  • Stains lips (although some people might want that!)
  • Although the texture is nice, it's drying - a problem I find with a lot of Mac lipsticks
  • Like all of the lipsticks in this range, it costs £15.50...
  • Doesn't really work that well blotted down - the colour goes a bit patchy

If you like a pink and you like Marilyn, it's worth investing (if you can find one!), but other than that I'd give this a miss personally...

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