Sunday, 30 September 2012

Vintage style: out and about in Paris

The other day I hopped aboard a train with L and we pretended we were Parisian for just a little while.  Oh, what a life.  The food, the wine, the amazing architecture!  Of course, ideally you need to be rich.  But nevertheless, endless photo opportunities to be had in the most stunning settings.  It was time to take vintage style out and about on the streets of gay Paree!

Ok, I say 'vintage style' but what I really mean is 'my usual clothes' - but as I love categorising everything it's been shoved into this post series.  But if it helps, I did make an little extra effort - it's Paris, after all!  And I may have been let loose on L's hair a couple of times...

If you can't abide other people's holiday photos, look away now!

Stripes at Sacre Coeur

Rockalily Vintage Vixen and Hot Rod Red visit the Eiffel Tower...

Marie Antoinette's Estate, Versailles.  Pink marble has to be the best backdrop for some shots of pencil skirts.

Hair rolling at Versailles

We were a big fan of macs this holiday

And even bigger fans of healthy milkshakes, even if they did cost us 7 euros.

Ah, where next...

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