Make-up: Rockalily Vintage Vixen review

I was overjoyed to hear that Rockalily were going to revive their lipstick range, if anyone’s been reading this blog from the start you’d have seen my early rave for their Hot Rod Red.  Before I had chance to also rave about my favourite pink, it had disappeared from the market owing to the owner’s choice to wind down her pout-pleasing activities so that she could focus efforts on starting her hair salon business.  It wasn’t fair to review something that wasn’t sold anymore, but now, thanks to the revival of Rockalily lipsticks – albeit without their original packaging – I can!
What makes the Rockalily brand so successful, in my opinion, is the way the nail has been hit so firmly on the head with regards to the colour range.  There’s several reds, of course, but now that I own red shades into the double figures, I’m much more interested in a more subtle palette that also serves me well for work and Rockalily provides.
Step up, Vintage Vixen!


Vintage Vixen – artificial light


Vintage Vixen – natural light


  • A flatter-all pink that seems to work with both pale and cool skin-tones
  • Non-drying formula
  • Good staying power
  • No nasty taste or smell
  • You support an independent company by buying one
  • Transfers easily (although you don’t lose much colour when this happens)
  • Has a slight sheen, so not matte if that’s what you’re looking for, although can be blotted to be matte
  • Slightly pricey at £13
  • Packaging is very basic (the only way Rockalily could continue selling it), which doesn’t bother me but might some
  • Can be tricky to get hold of as it relies on when Rockalily has stock – and being very popular I’m sure will sell out frequently


All in all, I think it’s a lovely pink for creating 50s and 60s daytime looks, so what are you waiting for?


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