Make-up: Mac’s Marilyn Monroe range

My enduring love affair with Marilyn is probably a bit more fanatic than most saner people can comprehend, but this time I’m not the only one excited about Mac’s new make-up range, out October in the UK.  It’s a Marilyn Monroe range!  For all Marilyn’s flaws and foibles, if there’s one thing that woman got right it was her make-up.  Precision-applied and perfectly suited to her dramatic colouring, but maybe I’ll skip the hours it took her to apply it (allegedly)…

I think when I first heard rumours of this range I wasn’t expecting quite as many items, so I’m very pleasantly surprised.  Some of them are reissues, but lots are brand new.  And many have great names, I particularly like the lipgloss named ‘Phiff!’

It’s on sale October 4 in shops and from September 27 (tomorrow and very happily for me, pay day) online.

Let’s break some of them down!

The lipsticks

L-R: Love Goddess (satin pink-red), Charmed I’m Sure (dark true red), Deeply Adored (matte scarlet red), Pure Zen (Cremesheen warm nude), Scarlet Ibis (bright orange-red)
Starting with what I’m most excited about, I have my eye on that nude pink and the orange-red.  Because owning 8 different orange-reds (two of them Mac) just isn’t enough.  (This is, of course, sarcasm. I do realise I’m mad.)

The eyeshadows

L-R: How to Marry (soft white), Preferred Blonde (pale champagne beige), Showgirl (dark blue grey), Silver Screen (true silver)
Blushers and beauty powder
L-R: The Perfect Cheek (neutral pink beige matte), Legendary (pale soft coral satin),  Forever Marilyn (sheer pale peach)
Nail varnish
Not sure of the order: Vintage Vamp – Rich deep retro wine (Cream), Stage Red – Dark berry red (Cream), Flaming Rose – True red (Cream), Kid Orange – Coral (Cream), Rich, Rich, Rich – Glittery gold (Pearl)
Lipgloss, mascara, brow marker, eyeliner and lashes
L:R: Little Rock (soft sheer white with pearl), Phiff! (sheer yellow peach), False Lashes Extreme Black-Carbon Black,  Brow Marker Universal – Natural warm taupe-brown, Eye Liner Rapidblack, 35 Lash

I won’t be able to resist buying as many products as my poor bank account can tolerate, so expect reviews to come!


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