Outfit: Red, (purple), white and blue

I don’t have time for my usual vintage style posts at the moment, due to working my normal job and my temporary new job at the Athletes’ Village for the Olympics.  There’s not a day off for the next three weeks! So here’s a short outfit post, with apologies for the quietness to come.

I realised on the day of the Olympics Opening Ceremony, I had subconsciously dressed for work in red, white and blue (and then stood in a sunbeam, sorry for the lighting here)…
Ok, so the red was just the Games Maker watch and the lipstick, but still, I was rather pleased with my accidental patriotism.  If you’re interested, the t-shirt and tube skirt are both H&M, shoes are Swedish Hasbeens Braided Sky Highs.  Money can’t buy the watch 😉 but the lipstick is Nars Heat Wave.And here’s what I look like on my ‘days off’ currently.  Hot stuff, you’ll agree.

By the time I’d donned the whole outfit (see my earlier post for what I’m talking about), I felt a) that I looked like a child and b) not only that, but I looked like the unattractive child who gets picked last for sports teams in PE (of course, in the past I was this child). Panicking, I put on my favourite red lipstick to try to age myself a little – it didn’t work, everyone I spoke to assumed I was still at school, or, at the very best, university.  My catchphrase from the first two days of volunteering was ‘No, I really am 26.’

However, I’m fairly sure the red lipstick (and hopefully not the childlike demeanour) was the cause of so much interest from the army security staff you encounter every five steps in an Olympic venue (it certainly wasn’t my figure in that get up).  It depended on the checkpoint as to how much said attention was unwanted, although whereas the Olympic uniform makes everyone automatically unattractive, apparently the army uniform has the reverse effect.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the Games as much as I do.  Go Team GB!


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