Vintage style: supermarket chic

I’m about to share with you one of my biggest style secrets… I can hardly believe I’m doing it, but for you, dear readers.  This secret is about where to buy pretty, well-made and crucially, dirt-cheap clothes. You can forget Primark – the prices I’m talking about might be a touch more but the clothes won’t disintegrate after 5 washes or make you itch.  So what is this shop of dreams?


I have been a devotee of Tesco’s clothing since the day I found this gorgeous dress in their online store two years ago.

I bought it for the princely sum of £16 and it has been my summer staple ever since.  The heart-shaped neckline is such a rare find in modern dresses and the fitted waist and skirt is incredibly flattering. And yes I do always accessorise with ghostly white skin, that’s not Tesco’s fault.

That’s all very well you might say, but you could stumble across a cheap summer dress in any shop.  Well, I say, Tesco have also saved the day in tight money situations where a formal/expensive-looking dress was required.  Step up exhibit 2, this satin fitted dress that I bought for £13 with a discount (originally £18).

Again, how can you argue with this classic shape and style?  I wore this dress to a formal work evening event last year and a member of senior management, who I’ve never heard compliment anyone on anything (as they don’t), let alone clothing, stopped me as I walked by to tell me what a lovely dress it was.  When anyone asked where I got it from, my pride at being resourceful just about outweighed my shame.  This was definitely helped by the looks of dismay from girls who had clearly spent near £100 on theirs.

It’s not just dresses that Tesco can be good for, I’ve picked up great separates that I’ve hunted high and low for at reasonable prices elsewhere.  Check out these high waisted shorts and the tiki-style top.

This whole outfit was less than £20 (not including the shoes, but more on my beloved Swedish Hasbeens another day!)

But these aren’t all, I also picked up a really classic wool trenchcoat for £35 a couple of years ago.

So there’s some of my best bargain fashion buys and it’s all thanks to one supermarket.  And now to share with you some of my favourite pieces in store currently.


Satin bow dress, £30

This dress makes me literally ache for a do to go to this summer.  It’s so wonderfully classic 50s – the neckline is divine.  Also comes in black.

Ruched detail dress, £28

Another cracking neckline on an elegant evening dress.

Patent strap sandals, £15

These have stepped straight out of the 40s/50s and into my bargain-loving heart. Also available in nude and silver.


Black lace pencil skirt, £18

Ok, some people would probably put a lace pencil skirt into the ‘formalwear’ category, but I’m a classy kinda gal (at least, that’s what I tell myself) and I think a dreary working day is just begging to be sauced up by a bit of lace.  And anything looks demure teamed with a shirt – them’s the rules.


Knitted tweed jacket, £7 sale price

This is clearly a cardigan, not a tweed jacket, but lets forgive them while they charge £7 for it.


Prom dress, £30
Ditsy print tie shirt, £10

Two lovely 50s-style pieces at much better prices than you’d pay for the same elsewhere.

Constant stock turnover means it’s always worth having a browse through their ‘new in’ section.

They’re also always having a sale or running a discount.  At the moment they’re offering £10 off a £40 shop with code FFJUNE that I stumbled across running as a Google search promotion.  I realise I sound like I’m working for them, but honestly I just like their nice, cheap things!  And a tip for if you do buy anything, if you’re between sizes, go for the smaller one.

Happy bargain shopping!


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