Vintage style: judging an (e)book by its cover

I am more than a little in love with books.  They’ve given me joy, tears, sleepless nights and a career.  But they’ve also given my parents an attic that’s about to collapse, shelves that actually have buckled on top of my head, backache on many occasions and RSI from trying to read them one-handed while propped up in bed. Anyone who reads themself to sleep will know that last pain!  The answers to all my prayers were solved one Christmas a couple of years ago when I was given a Kindle. Now I can always have my own library with me and when I finish one book I can immediately purchase and start on the next.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that it is pretty ugly.  Books can be so beautiful, the ereader is bland. It is also more fragile than a book and you can’t just throw it in your bag next to your keys unless you enjoy throwing £100+ down the drain.

An even more curious phenomenon is that this could be so easily solved by covers and skins – yet so many of these are also very ugly!  Amazon’s accessory store makes me wince, both from the prices and the aesthetics of the eyesores they sell to keep your precious gadget protected.

I’ve spent much time – too much time – searching for ways to adorn my beloved and I finally think I have some of the best covers sussed.  Here’s my guide to the best ‘retro’ Kindle covers you can buy.

1. 60s-style book covers (6 varieties) – £14.99

These are new offerings from There are 6 designs, these two are my favourites but the link above will take you to all 6.  Wuthering Heights – you’re mine!  NB: these are designed for Kindle keyboard, I don’t know if they’ll fit something smaller
Lunartis’ handmade covers are both quirky and cute – I love the idea of the comic print above.  There’s lots more designs in the Folksy store I’ve linked to above.

Annie claims she sources the material for her handmade cases from authentic vintage fabrics.  I have to say, I absolutely love the Liberty peacock print above.  Again, more designs if you click through.

4. M-Edge, $30-40/£19.00-25.50 (and you’ll possibly need to pay import shipping)

I wasn’t going to include covers from the US, but these are so original and call to my inner book-nerd in ways I just can’t deny.  I don’t see how any fan of Austen is going to resist the Pride and Prejudice one.

5. KleverCase for Kindle, £24.99

If you really miss the feel and look of a book in your hand, look no further than the KleverCases. There’s many designs, some based on classic books, others like the top one here more generic. They really are quite special.

And if you really want to go for budget, or you don’t like the idea of keeping your Kindle in its case, there are many neoprene slip-case designs to be found on ebay.  Don’t pay £20 for the lurid beasts you find on Amazon!  These two are £8.


Happy reading!
CiCi x

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