Make-up: Nars Heat Wave lipstick review

It’s been a while since my last post – it’s tricky to blog with a long commute to work and Olympics training at the weekends (which is at last thankfully complete, now just to do my first shift!) It’s also been a while since I’ve done a makeup post, so here’s another review of a favourite vintage red: Nars Heat Wave.  I’ll be keeping it short but hopefully sweet.
Now, this lipstick has a strange reputation for being very orangey.  But I think this sells it short – it’s a red with orange tones, but it’s not orange!
Here’s Nars Heat Wave in the tube and as a swatch.


Nars Heat Wave
Below left: Nars Heat Wave, Top right: Rockalily Hot Rod Red
And on this swatch, you’ll see how close this is to the discontinued Rockalily Hot Rod Red, which I’ve previously reviewed and labelled a favourite – Heat Wave has a touch more orange. It’s much more matte than Rockalily’s though, which is a definite bonus.
And here it is on me – and you can see it appears quite a true red.  This is applied at medium-full strength with a lip brush, it can be brighter applied more thickly.


Nars Heat Wave lipstick review

Quite simply, I love this lipstick and here’s why…


  • Beautiful true red colour that is quite buildable
  • Great staying power
  • Matte
  • Good texture – not drying like the Mac matte range and you hardly notice you’re wearing it
  • The price! It’ll set you back £17, which is just too much for most people for one lipstick
But the price is the only thing I can find at fault with it – I’m fool enough to pay the money for a lipstick that looks good on, stays on and doesn’t flake my lips to pieces.  Mac can’t even touch Nars on this formula.

Quite simply one of my favourite red lipsticks now and probably the closest I’ll come to replacing my beloved Rockalily Hot Rod Red.


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