Vintage style: a very glamourous graduation

It’s been four years (!) since I graduated and although I wasn’t clever or dedicated enough to do any more studying than I absolutely had to, I had the opportunity to live vicariously through my housemate recently at her MA graduation.  If you don’t already know, Cambridge students work so hard during their BA that 3 years later they are automatically given an MA – and then they are paraded around the centre of the city like prize ponies with passing tourists stopping to take photos and video them.

Not content with just styling myself, I was also let loose on L’s hair and we opted for a subtle 40s look with two small asymmetric victory rolls and loose curls. She also added some Rockette Red Rockalily lipstick (sadly discontinued now). It was the only thing that could be done with that glamourous fur hood. She was the best-dressed there by miles and it’s a testament to 40s styling and modern hairspray that those rolls didn’t budge an inch all day, even if the rain and wind pulled some of the curls out!
Vintage graduation look
This is nothing but a shameless post about outfits really.  I haven’t been to nearly enough weddings or formal events in my 20s so I made the most of my opportunity as Friend of the Graduate, going for a classic structured dress-and-jacket look, teamed with nude heels, red lipstick, faux-hair rolls and hair flowers (you can see them poking out on the right).
Dress – navy shift, New Look
Jacket – white floral lace, M&S Limited Collection
Hair flowers – two small white lily clips put together, Accessorize
I took my brand new (arrived in the post that morning) Nars Heat Wave lipstick out for a ride which you can vaguely see here – loved it so much a review post is bound to follow shortly!


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