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There’s not much I like more than finding a new independent shop – whether it’s clothes, home stuff, second hand or stationery – I love the thought that I’ve bought something that lots of other people won’t have.

I’m a huge fan of Topshop and I love Urban Outfitters (I used to take one and a half hour train journeys to London JUST to go to Urban Outfitters), but whenever I buy clothes from those two stores, it’s pretty likely I’m going to see someone else wearing what I’m wearing.

The downside of the indies is that not many of them have websites… but luckily for you, a few of my favourite well established independent stores do, and I’m about to share them with you. (You’re very welcome)

By far my favourite independent clothing store is Dahlia.  They have a boutique on Carnaby Street, right here (just around the corner from Liberty – errr, swoon!):

Dahlia is great for kooky girls, which I’m told I am.  They have a beautiful selection of dresses that flatter all shapes and sizes, and give you styling tips for giving your pretty feminine dresses a bit of an edge.

Here are a few of my favourites currently in stock:

Bow Button Sleeveless Dress £65
Applique Flower Babydoll Dress £64
Dobby Glitter Collar Blouse £45

Some people may think that the prices are quite high – but it honestly is worth it. Dahlia’s clothes are such good quality and I’d pay extra for the little details that they concentrate on.

Another favourite of ours is Tara Starlet. This, like Dahlia, is a family run business with a vintage inspired fashion line. The thing that draws me in with Tara Starlet isn’t just the amazing clothes, but the very cool models and the styling! A few favourites currently in stock…

Make do and mend dress £80
Sleeveless sailor blouse £42

Again – worth paying extra because it’s unique and you’re supporting independent designers!

Vintage and Homewares
If you’re a craft lover like me, Etsy and Folksy are probably you’re go-to websites when searching for inspiration.  When I was looking for vintage inspired crafts, I came across an independent vintage homewares shop called Little Byrd Vintage. I absolutely love their carefully selected collection of vintage glass… And they have books too! (Cici and me love old bookywooks!)

A Field Guide to Butterflies £12.76
Vintage Display Dome £19.14
Vintage Glass Bottle Collection £15.31

I am obsessed, yes, obsessed with Leah Duncan‘s beautiful prints. I’m gradually trying to build up a Leah Duncan cushion collection. Here are a few of the best (it’s so hard to pick a ‘best’ design – you need to check out her website for yourself!)

Feathers cushion cover
Outer Space tea towell
Buffalo print

Prices are all in dollars, but you can order from the UK via her Etsy store online.

I thoroughly encourage you to seek out some independent stores and see for yourself what fun it is discovering new talent and supporting independent designers.

Marie ♥

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