How to: Playing tailor

I am a classic pear. (damn my baby-bearing hips)

My hips are massively disproportionate to my waist and it makes my love for playsuits an unrequited one. Every time I go shopping I pick up a lovely dress only to find it’s not a dress, it’s joined at the crotch and my dreams of summer style are dashed.
One day, I’ll have a tiny toosch like these 6ft, size 4 models and then I can rock one these little beauties…
Urban Outfitters
Mara Hoffman
Until then, I decided I need to get creative and work with the skills (and bum) that I’ve got.
I finally gave in and bought my first playsuit from Topshop today and decided to attempt to turn it into a dress, and I succeeded! So I thought I ‘d share it with you, step by step…
You can buy the original online, here.
First of all, you need to unpick the culotte section, so your playsuit end up looking a bit like a nappy…
Luckily, my playsuit had a geometric pattern, which made it easy to line up the material so that it was symmetrical and I knew it was in the right place to create a skirt.
Next, pin the material in place and iron it so that it stays where you want it. Trim off any excess material.
I cheated and used wonder-web to stick the material into place (you can get wonder-web from most craft shops or haberdashery departments in the bigger stores like John Lewis or Liberty – you just cut enough to cover the edges of the fabric, place it between the two pieces of material and iron it down to stick it in place. As it gets hot, it gets sticky and acts like a glue)
I then finished it off by sewing the edges together by hand – I’ll need to go over it again with the sewing machine in order to ensure it won’t fall apart in the wash. But that’s pretty much it – easy peasy!
Et voila!
Love from a happy little pear.
Marie x

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